I, DEVESH, as a keyman of Himagi Entertainment Pvt. Ltd., thinks that our company will achieve its ultimate goal of reaching to each and everyone's reach and find out the hidden talent very soon. Initially it is going to start a new show at national level, which is a very big thing in its own perspective. India is a country where there is no lack of artists, beauticians, musicians, dancers, singers etc. At the starting phase, it is going to cover up all the metro and major cities all over the country. In its second phase, it would be so easy to a common man that it would become accessible to all the persons at each and every corner of cities, towns and villages of our country. We all are working towards the growth of India alongwith our company so that India may get a name and fame all over the world in the field of art, music, drama, singing, dancing etc. Thereby strengthening its financial position and it may grow very widely day and night. In its final phase, our company would be working towards providing an online and offline platform to perform all the persons at every nation all over the world.